Allstar provides unique services that will allow you to offer quality auction items, at absolutely NO upfront cost to your organization, no hidden fees and no additional cost for items that do not sell at your event



  • For clients that are local you can schedule an appointment to come by our office and pick out items. Once you have picked out items and signed the necessary paper work the items are yours on consignment until your event. After your event you simply return any unsold items to us and write us a check for our portions of the items that sold.
  • For clients that are not local we will send you a list of items tailored to the demographics of your event. Once you have reviewed the list you let us know which items you would like to take and sign the necessary paper work. After that we will ship the items to you and once your event is over you ship back the items that do not sell.  Please note a minimum of 15 items is required for Allstar Enterprises to cover shipping cost to you. The charity is responsible for return shipping of all unsold items. 

For larger conferences/trade shows or multiple day events Allstar Charity Services can provide experienced staff members to manage the auction from start to finish at the location of your event and setup/run multiple day auctions for you. We bring all the items, set them up, run the auction, collect on the payments and break down at the end of the conference. Management fees vary depending on the location of the conference.


* Allstar’s prices are simply the LOWEST in the Charity Consignment industry. We ONLY market to 501(c)(3)’s and the events that support them. By not marketing to the general retail public, we are able to concentrate on our Not-for-profit Clients.